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Typical offerings:


  • Leagues
  • Tournaments
  • Parties & Events
  • Other entertainment choices such as big screen TV viewings, video game consoles can be added for additional entertainment options.
  • Snacks, food and beverages in a casual relaxed environment


Number of simulators per facility: 1-4 is typical


Rates - Average rates are $30/sim/hr or $15/pp/hr

Seasonal rates are popular, as well as peak hours rates

Ideal simulators for Casual Entertainment
Vista12 Golf Simulator

Additional recommended products from SES:



Gunfighter Shooting Simulator - This is a amazing shooting simulator that can be added to any of the simulators we offer. This expands your customer base and offers more opportunities for promotions, give-a-ways and hours of entertainment.


VRX Car Racing and Flight Simulators - These can be added to either the Premium or Signature models and provide a high end feel to your establshment while offering an additional source of revenue and increasing your facilities appeal to a wider demographic.


Extreme Green Putting Greens - These products are a great supplemental product to any of the golf simulators. These greens offer your customers an exciting product where they can practice their putting or compete for prizes or bragging rights between their friends.

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These facilities are focused more on entertainment aspects rather than being golf centric facilities. The golf simulators are used to draw more customers to their sports bar or entertainment facility for a unique, fun, active experience, while incorporating all the benefits of a golf simulator.

Casual Entertainment Facilities - Business Use

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