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The Elite Sports Multi-Sport simulator is built for business use. Do you want to charge more to use the simulator, during the busy hours of your establishment? This simulator has standard features that let you adjust the amount of money you charge to use the simulator. Within the separate games, you can sell advertising space and generate revenues as advertisements popup on the scoreboard behind the action.

Golf Simulator Business

Sporting Event Centers and Stadiums - This simulator has been showcased at NFL® and NHL® stadiums, generating revenues and increasing customer satisfaction.


Entertainment Centers - A Multi-Sport simulator is an easy addition to any arcade style entertainment center.


Retail Sporting Goods Stores - By adding a Multi-Sport simulator to your retail store you can let you customers try out equipment before they buy it. Do you have a hot hockey stick you are trying to push? Hold a product demonstration on the simulator and give your customers a chance to shoot on a simulated goalie. You can demonstrate everything from soccer balls to shoes to golf clubs on this system, without your customers ever leaving your building.


Recreation Centers - This simulator offers a wide verity of sport to the public. By adding a simulator to your rec center you can supplement your preexisting programs with a state of the art simulator, which can provide a teaching setting as well as hours of entertainment. Now you can hold a winter baseball camp, where you can teach the proper mechanics to a pitcher. Each software program has great training potential.


Indoor Sports Centers - Indoor arenas are the perfect venue for a multi-sport simulator. If you hold leagues or tournaments you understand there are always teams and individual players that are waiting around to on the ice or field. With a soccer or hockey simulator you can generate revenue in these idle times. Boost sales in your pro shop and restaurant while customers compete on the simulator.


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Multi Sport Simulator Application and Business Use

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