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SES Visual Hockey was designed to provide the most realistic and advanced hockey simulation experience possible. NHL players were consulted during design to create a unique combination of video and animation processes that simulate real player and goaltender movements. Players can test their shots against life-size goaltenders on life size nets in a simulated environment. Players can also test their shots on corner targets, and be tested on their speed, accuracy and reflex time.


Program features include:

  • True Shooter vs. Goaltender Simulation
  • Real Size Net and Goaltender
  • Realistic and Varied Hockey Simulator Goaltender Reactions
  • Target Shooting Software


During the player/user session, the hockey simulator system's scoreboard displays the following data:

  • Number of shots taken
  • The velocity of each shot
  • The average velocity of all shots
  • The number of goals scored or targets hit
  • An overall score


After the hockey simulation session, a report summary is displayed that includes:

  • A graphic display of all the shots taken, shot location, and their result (goal or no goal).
  • A summary scoreboard as above for both the "Shooting on the goaltender" session and "Target shooting" session if applicable.
  • The SES Visual Hockey Training Database Features also records team and player information, tracks player performance over time, and reports on player performance trends with a number of statistical and graphical outputs.
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