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VS Elite Custom Sports Simulator


The Elite simulator package includes all of the base technology needed to create a fully customized sports simulator. Whether you are looking to create a fixed structure in your home or utilize this technology in a customized enclosure; the possibilities are truly endless and we can help create interactive environments you thought weren’t possible.


Our team at SES can help integrate additional simulator technology such as a shooting, racing, and cycling just to name a few. We have the ability to incorporate home theater hardware to give you the ultimate man-cave or rec. room. Create the sports-themed room the entire neighborhood will be talking about, or use the simulator to keep the family active all year long. We are happy to work with your architect or builder for seamless design and integration. Contact us today for pricing and to learn more about the Elite custom simulator.



  • Your choice of multisport software package: America, World or Entertainment Pack
  • Comes with 15 courses of E6 golf software
  • Sim-Optimized PC computer with object-tracking software
  • Impact Resistant Dual-Layer mesh screen
  • Four Microsight tracking cameras
  • Expandable platform - with the ability to add additional software titles



  • Uses real sports equipment
  • In-Game Advertising capable
  • Single-Sport or Multi-Sport themes – Create the ultimate interactive exhibit and themed attraction
  • Residential Design – Design the ultimate in-home experience perfect for the whole family
  • Draw a Crowd – Whether it’s in your home or your business
  • Revenue Generator! Simulator can be equipped with token, coin or bill-acceptors
  • 1-year warranty on hardware & software

Looking for a customized sports simulator with endless possibilities? Look no further.


In addition to many sports included with the VS Elite, we specialize in integrating additional simulator technology such as hunting and shooting. Also add car racing, flight simulation and cycling to your ultimate simulator room.

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Visual Sports Simulators

State-of-the-art features include:

Sensor Technology - set of four high-speed machine vision MicroSight cameras that determine the exact trajectory, direction and speed of any object with deadly accuracy


Projector - 1800 Lumens LCD Projector


Screen - High-performance, Impact Resistant Mesh Screen


Interactive workstation – Includes a 15" or 21” LCD touch screen monitor and mount (depending on model), a current PC computer system equipped with console control software.


Variety of Simulator Dimensions - See above for more information. Custom builds are also available.




Visual Sports Simulators


The Multi-Sport Simulator was appealing to us because it is the only full size simulator on the market that offers more than one sport. With its revenue generating capabilities, we feel this an excellent product for indoor entertainment facilities. We also liked the ability to use real equipment (ie. balls, golf clubs, hockey sticks etc.) while playing in an immersive simulated environment. In addition, this simulator is so robust and full featured that is often used as a training solution for serious athletes. With the product launch of the custom "VS-Elite" simulator, we are extremely excited to offer this product to more than just the commercial market.






Visual Sports Simulators


Launched in 2000, Visual Sports has a passion to create and deliver the best interactive gaming experiences in the world. Their strong focus on research and new product development ensures that they are always on the forefront of breaking technologies.


The first interactive multi-sports simulator was originally pioneered for coin-operated applications. With those systems, the commercial side of virtual entertainment was revolutionized. With some of the highest operator revenues to date, virtual sports have proven to be a winner for all kinds of establishments. For more info on the business application of simulators, check out our commercial use section.











SES Visual Sports system technology uses a set of four high-speed machine vision cameras. Taking 2000 pictures each and every second, the patented MicroSight camera technology can determine the exact trajectory, direction and speed of any object with deadly accuracy - tried, tested and proven. A combination of high performance CCD chips, LED technology, and leading edge optics are used to track any object from any location. From golf balls to basketballs, the cameras literally see it all. Play six live-action sports against virtual opponents while you take your coin-operated revenues to the next level!


Commercial-Use Simulator






5 Ways to Increase Revenue with a Multi-Sport Simulator

Financing Now Available

Start building your dream simulator room today!

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