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Revenue Generating Entertainment


Shooting paper targets can be fun… for a while, but it soon loses its appeal and can never provide any real excitement. This shooting simulator is ideal for providing new and safe shooting environments and provides real excitement through its video based scenarios. Ever wonder how you would handle yourself if you came face to face with a crazed zombie? Now you can find out! Stand side-by-side with your friends and see who really is the better shot.


Adding a simulator to an existing gun range offers those shooters who have grown tired of traditional target shooting a new and challenging option. Video based software offers realism and plenty of excitment. With the addition of the low-light setting, shooters have the ability to use a flashlight to create a new experience with all the scenarios. With the ability to have multiple shooters, track your shots, and use real firearms with laser inserts, the Gunfighter experience is second to none!


Range Time Solution


With demand for range time at an all-time high, adding a shooting simulator to your gun store, shooting range or training school is an excellent solution. It also provides a good way to introduce new shooters to the sport in a safe and non-threatening environment.


The Gunfighter is a shooting simulator built for entertainment with the ability to upgrade to a full blown training system. Using both video based scenarios as well as computer generated images, this system offers the most realistic and entertaining shooting experience available today. It offers several shooting based scenarios from Zombies to a Cowboy shootout, as well as CCW courseware; all the while using real guns with laser inserts.


Shooting is an expensive sport, and with the price and the scarcity of ammunition, it is becoming more expensive. This is why a shooting simulator can offer so much to a shooting facility. You can offer a simulated indoor shooting range with multiple lanes and multiple shooters. Plus the footprint of these simulators is compact enough to fit in a small area of a store or range.


Simulator Firearm Training


Shooting is a sport where participants benefit greatly with proper training and effective practice. Using this system is an extremely valuable way to become a more proficient shooter. It is perfect for target acquisition, shot grouping, muscle memory and general skill development; as well as a great way to introduce new shooters and build confidence in a safe and non-threatening environment.


Using the Gunfighter can take your training to a whole new level by using real firearms with laser inserts. Recoil insert kits and recoil sim guns are available for even more realism. Plus you have the ability to upgrade your Gunfighter after your initial purchase to for even more enjoyment and training options.


Permanent installations also available


For commercial use only

USA sales only




  • More entertaining titles
  • Training Courseware
  • Simulated Indoor and Outdoor ranges
  • Firing Line Software
groupshotmockupDVDCase FiringLineVirtualtargets
AdditionalWeaponsimageA003 RecoilglockCU



  • Recoil Insert kits for pistols
  • Recoil Kits for AR-15s
  • Replica Sim Guns
  • Laser Shotgun kits

New Scenarios and Drills


New software will be released each quarter featuring... More Zombies, Gunslingers, Gangsters, Apocalypse, Rogue Cop, Shoot Houses, SASS courses, Steel Targets and more...

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For more info on weapons, hardware and software — click here to see our site dedicated to this system...

Gunfighter teaser...

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The Gunfighter

comes with:



  • High Definition Projector
  • Desktop (22in monitor, wireless Keyboard & Mouse)
  • Infrared Hit-detect Cameras
  • Complete Surround Sound System
  • 2 SIRT Dry Fire Polymer Pistols
  • 1 AR-15 Rifle (inert) + two CO2 magazines
  • 1 Semi-Automatic Pistol (inert) + two CO2 magazines
  • Complete Cable Package (video, connectivity and power)
  • 1 year Limited Warranty




  • Gunfighter™ System software
  • 15 Courses of Fire - Skill Builders
  • Simulated Shooting Range
  • Paper Targets (4 Packs)
  • Steel Targets (2 Packs)
  • 7 Wild West Games
  • 4 Zombie Scenarios
  • 6 Timed Event Drills
  • 100 CCW Personal Protection Scenarios for Training and Instruction.
  • Includes Optional Hands-on Training in Golden, CO (2 spots) More info contact us



Add-Ons Available

See Software Imagery





The Gunfighter

A Shooting Simulator Built for Commercial Use


  • The perfect addition to any shooting facility
  • Works with multiple shooters
  • Use real or replica firearms with laser inserts
  • Great software with realistic video scenarios
  • Built for entertainment as well as training
  • Compact design fits anywhere
  • This system keeps customers coming back!

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