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E6 Connect is finally here!

E6 software with NewportTruGolf Simulator Overview


TruGolf simulators were first constructed by a group of golfers, game developers, and software engineers who possessed a shared enthusiasm; to design a golf system which improved playing skills by recreating the true look, touch and feel of golf through a full simulator experience. Over the years they have consistently improved the hardware and software to incorporate the world's greatest courses and the latest cutting edge technology. These systems deliver on the promise to provide you an accurate, realistic response so the skills developed inside translate perfectly to your outdoor game.


TruFlight™ is Here!

Take your golf simulator to the next level

Available on the Signature, Premium and Horizon models, TruFlight™ brings the ultimate in launch monitor technology to your simulator. Working hand in hand with the club-head analysis and E6 Golf, this add-on calculates ball flight metrics with unmatched precision.


Golf Swing AnalysisTruGolf Technology


The golf simulator technology, swing analysis and tracking system work by collecting crucial data about your shot, including: club head speed, club path, and face angle, together with critical elements of ball flight, including ball speed, launch angle and direction. A high-speed infrared sensor array gathers information about these elements at approximately 100,000 samples per second. Ball spin is then derived from advanced ball-flight algorithms.This information is analyzed instantly as the ball appears on the screen through infrared sensor triangulation. This triangulation method is extremely accurate and is commonly used in many scientific applications. Unlike other simulators, this simulator not only tells you what your ball flight is doing, but it also provides all the data so you can see why it flies a particular way. These elements translate into extremely accurate ball flight and swing analysis. TruGolf simulators have over two decades of ball flight data collection, testing, and fine-tuning. See our post on how "Your Golf Technique Can Be Improved By What The Naked Eye Cannot See."


E6 Cloud Free Trial!

The "Cloud" is here! Ask us if the free trial is still available. E6 Cloud will transform your simulator with the latest games and non-traditional elements designed for younger golfers. Plus it provides access to the same type of driving range games that have become wildly popular throughout the nation. The E6 Cloud free trial provides continuous software additions during the year. These include the Demolition Driving Range, Golf-Pocalypse, Skill Shot Challenge Course, as well as four new courses a year.

Learn More about Trugolf!

Features Structures Commercial Use for indoor golf centers

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