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Time of Day

Players can determine the time of day they want to tee off. Using real world modeling, changing colors, reflections and shadowing are as real as if you were outdoors. Start your round early in the morning and watch the shadows fade and the sun cross the sky; as you play your round.



Using the latest touch screen technology, players can navigate through the program with ease.


Camera Modes

Do you want to see that monster drive again? No problem. E6 offers three different camera modes, which give you the ability to view and replay your shots in stunning detail. Replays are offered after every shot and you can view the different camera modes with just a touch of a button.


  • Classic Camera - Tracks the shot from the player’s perspective
  • Ball Camera - Shows a clear view from above the ball from the moment its hit to the second it comes to rest, you get a bird’s eye view of the ball.
  • TV Camera - This mode uses state-of-the-art technology to represent your shot as if you were watching it on TV.

Collision Technology

E6 has mastered the technology of collision computer modeling. Allowing you to view the way a golf ball reacts to different objects it comes in contact with. Experience the true to life reactions to your simulated golf ball bouncing off, rocks, trees and of course the pin.



E6 was designed to make you feel as if you were playing outdoors. Grass, trees and the flag react to changing wind conditions. Listen to the waves crash along the shore, watch and hear the rain fall, there are even birds and crickets chirping in the background as you play your round.


Shot Control

Real-time ball flight data is used to give you complete control over each and every shot. Speed, launch angle, direction, and course conditions are factored in. The top-view window give you all the information you need, including distance to the pin, lay-up yardages, elevation yardages, elevation changes, and wind speed direction. Feel free to work, control trajectories, and back the ball up on the green – just as you would do in the outdoors.

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