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Quality Construction


qualityBIG1Built with exacting precision each system is meticoulously manufactured in Canada. Every detail adds to the aesthetics and durability of this great simulator. From the aircraft-grade components to the stainless steel chassis, this system is built to last the test of time and frequent use. The wiring and components are also designed with the ultimate in function and form.


Designed for Strength & the Future


robustBIGAt its core is a two inch stainless steel tube chassis featuring the strength and durability of state of the art manufacturing. Developed to easily allow for future addons, the gleaming polished pipes and the anodized black finish applied with military standards to select surfaces create a system with an incredible sleek modern look.


Carbon-Fiber Platform


carbonFiberBIGThis simulator platform is made with durable, 3M DI-NOC carbon fiber and super smooth, lockable castors to make setting up and putting away the Viper chair a snap.


Club Sport "Smart" Steering Wheel


clubSportBIGThis "smart" steering wheel has almost too many features to list here but we will try. Inside are two vibration motors to provide feedback and mimic ABS shutter. It includes an LED display which shows a variety of data including RPMs and much more. The Clubsport Wheel also features Alcantara finished grips, adjustable Formula 1 style paddle shifters and race quality quick-release mechanism. In addition you can select the German BMW M3 GT2 or open Formula One style rim design steering wheel. Both include the same great features but with a different feel depending on your preference.

Wrap Around Three Screen Display


viperScreensBIGWith a trifecta of ultraslim seamless LED monitors you get 5760 x 1080 resolution in an all encompassing HD display. (Optional)



Adaptable TH8 RS Gearbox


gearBoxBIGPaired with the Fanatec Formula 1 style paddles, this gearbox allows a customized configuration for a gated or sequential shifting system. It can be mounted on either side of the chair; it is perfect for any type of racing and can be utilized with our flight simulator package..


Z906 Speaker System


speakersBIGImmerse yourself in this tremendous 500W, 5.1 Surround Sound system with booming bass, clean mids, and solid highs that will make you feel like you are in an actual race machine. The configuration of speakers is set up to deliver the ultimate acoustics.


Clubsport V2 Pedal Set


pedalSetBIGThe pedal set of this simulator delivers a driving experience rarely seen. Technically advanced controls deliver realistic tension and the feel of an actual car. Easily accessible controls allow the driver to adjust the settings and maximize the ride.


State of the Art Computer


computerBIGAlso included is a powerful sim-optimized computer capable of producing about 240 frames per second. This powerful system is preloaded with the top racing software and run through an exhaustive series of tests so it is ready to race upon arrival.

Two Viper Models Available




Add the Viper chair to your existing golf or sports simulator to transform it into a racing machine! Viper Series Systems provide vibration feedback and a riveting simulator experience.



The Viper Z-27 comes fully equipped with an amazing three screen wrap around display and the powerful Crowson Trandsucer. You will feel the roar of the engine, every bump and experience the feeling of being on a real track.

Supported Racing Titles

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The list is always growing

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