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The ES12 is a small device that measures ball speed after impact and calculates how far the ball travels. You can use it to hone in your distances and be confident that your club selections is accurate by utilizing your own historic data. It works equally well inside with a net or outside at the range and is small enough to go anywhere.


You can also adjust the ES12 launch monitor to measure carry distance and total distance (with roll) based on your ball speed (also adjusts for altitude).


With the free ES12 iPhone or Android® App you can easily connect your ES12 portable launch monitor via Bluetooth to your iPhone®, iPad® or Android device.


Range Data

Historical and current



Connectivity and Audible Feedback


Video Analysis

Analyze & improve your swing


Club Selection Caddy

Pick the right club every time


Notes Area

Document your practice & rounds



Record and share in real time


Club Selection Caddy


While you are out on the golf course have you ever wondered “What club should I use?” Of course you have… Now you can answer that question accurately by accessing your own data that will give you the insight needed for optimal club selection. The Course Caddy gives you the ability to input your current distance of how far you need to hit your ball. By pulling all of your logged range sessions, the ES12 will make a club recommendation based on your past performance with each club.





"After receiving and consistently using the ES12 Digital Golf Assistant, I couldn’t be more thrilled. Normally when I am on the range, I only get visual feedback by seeing approximately where my shots land. With the ES12 I get accurate, real-time feedback which helps tremendously. I would recommend this device to any advanced, intermediate or beginner golfer. With such a saturation of golf products on the market, that only minimally achieve what they claim to, it is refreshing to find a tool that exceeds my expectations! Thank you!"

-John Higgins, OR






Video Analysis


See and improve your golf swing like never before with the video analysis feature. Use different colored lines to illustrate and view your stance, arm extension, shoulder rotation, head placement and more! The ES12 Smartphone App* utilizes your phone’s video camera capabilities, allowing you to capture your swing for frame-by-frame analysis.


Features Include:

  • Bring up video from your camera for analysis
  • Different line colors for analytical drawings
  • Save analysis (line markings on video) for review and comparison
  • Share through social media (Facebook and Twitter)
  • Compare single or compare side-by-side videos

Technical Specs


Color: Black case with Blue protective boot

Dimensions : 5.3″(h) x 3.0″(w) x 1.6″(d)

Weight: 10oz

Power: Standard 9V Battery (2 included); Duracell preferred (Approximately 17 hours of use)

Display: .67(h)” x 1.7(w)”

Operating Temperature: 25° – 120° F

External Components:


A. LCD Display

B. Kickstand

C. Power Button

D. Club Selection Button

E. Blue Protective Boot

Have questions?

Check out the ES12 FAQs

PRICE $249.99
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The ES12 Launch Monitor


The ES12 was one of the hottest new products launched at the 2012 PGA merchandise show. The ES12 is a perfect product for SES to offer to our customers: it’s compact, lightweight, easy to use. The perfect tool to take with you on the range or out on the course, the ES12 can help you learn your distances and make better club selections. It uses your own collected data to help individualize your game. A great product at a very affordable price.

Price: $250





ES12 Portable Launch Monitor

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ES12 ES12 golf ES12
PRICE $249.99
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