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Elite Frequently Asked Questions




Q1How big does my room need to be?

A1A good size would be 14' wide, 10' high, and 20' deep but we have fit into much larger and smaller spaces. In most cases we can make a multi-sport system fit in almost any space.




Q1fWhere can I see one?

A1fIt is always best to experience our systems before you make the purchase. We have installations in many locations so please Contact us and we can help you find the nearest one.





Q1gWhat's the normal delivery time?

A1gDepending on the time of year and the manufacturer’s inventory, most often your simulator will ship in less than 4 weeks.




Q1hHow does a Multi-Sport Simulator work?

A1hIt's just like you're really playing. Simply hit a real ball into a giant screen. There are no special balls and no need for reflective tape on your clubs.




Q1iWhat games can I get?

A1iEvery system comes the complete multi-sport software package. Golf is also available on the and there are several different course packages available.



Q1jWhat is the warranty?

A1jThere is a 1-year warranty on all parts and we pass on the manufacturer's warranty for all other items, like the computer and projector.




Q1lDo you offer financing?

A1lBoth residential and commercial customers have financing options available. We use many different lenders for the various products we carry. Please contact us for more info or click here for commercial financing info / application:

Financing Now Available




Q1l1aCan I get E6 Golf on a Multi-Sport System?

A1l1aYes you can. The Elite custom simulator includes E6. With the multi-sport platform and the best golf simulation software, this is a great combo.




Q1l1What golf courses are available with E6?

A1l1You can play great courses from around the world. Check out our course list.




Q1l2If I already have a home theater, can I still install a sports simulator?

A1l2Often we can install our systems into existing home theater rooms. Contact a member of our sales staff and we can discuss your current setup and the best solution for your home theater integration.




Q1l2aHow does it compare to other simulators?

A1l2aThis is the best and only multi-sport simulator on the market and the #1 choice in the world for sports simulation experiences.




Q1l2a1Do you have any special deals?

A1l2a1We offer monthly specials, which include delivery discounts and FREE add-ons.

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