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SimHunt™ Frequently Asked Questions




Q1Can a DLP projector be used with the system?

A1The 200 Series camera can be used with a DLP projector; however, the settings may need to be adjusted to lessen the brightness. An LCD projector is recommended.




Q1fCan personal weapons be converted to laser weapons for use with the system?

A1fYes, laser dryfire kits and laser cartridges are available for certain weapon types.








We have found that using the dryfire kits can often be more trouble than they are worth. In some cases they are a great addition to the shooting simulators, but for most of our customers it’s not the best fit.







Q1gWill the system work with 64 bit Operating System?

A1gThe 200 Series is compatible with a 64-bit system; however a few of the games will not run when using 64-bit. Contact us for more information. A 64 bit system is recommended.




Q1hCan the system be operated through a TV instead of a projector?

A1hNo, the system must be used with a projector and cannot be used with a TV because of the laser technology.




Q1iIs a webcam capable of tracking the shots instead of the laser detection cameras?

A1iNo webcams do not have a high enough frame rate and will not track shots fired.




Q1jWill the SimHunt™ system work outdoors?

A1jNo, these systems are not designed to operate outdoors



Q1lDoes the system come with a warranty?

A1lYes, SimHunt™’s Standard 12 Month Warranty comes with the system.




Q1l1aIs the system compatible with MAC computers?





Q1l1Is customer service available?

A1l1Customer service is available through SES.




Q1l2Will a smart board work as a screen?

A1l2No, however a white wall with matte paint can be used instead of a traditional screen quite effectively.




Q1l2aDo the weapons included with the system have recoil action?

A1l2aNo, however the weapons are realistic in size and shape.




Q1l2a2How are the weapons powered?

A1l2a2All of the laser weapons use either AA or AAA batteries which are included.




Q1l2a3Can I add additional software or weapons after my initial purchase?

A1l2a3Absolutely, adding software is simple and can be added at any time. Adding more weapons is a great way to maximize the enjoyment of your simulator. Contact us for details.



Q1l2a1Are there any special deals on SimHunt™ products?

A1l2a1We have special offers here every month which include discounts on shipping and add-ons.

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