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Become a better putter today!


The PUTTIST putting trainer is a digital putting aid that takes putting practice to the next level. Offering an easy to read digital display, this ultra portable, rechargeable putting trainer will help you become a better golfer today. Lowering your golf score comes from meaningful practice and the PUTTIST allows you to practice your putting anywhere. The PUTTIST not only allows you to practice consistency it accurately measures distance with digital sensor technology, to help you improve muscle memory and feel.

The PUTTIST makes a great gift for golfers of all skill levels, it also is great for teaching professional, indoor training facilities and golfer who are seriously looking to lower their golf score.

Two models available

PUTTIST-Basic $179.95

PUTTIST-Plus $209.95

PUTTISTBasic16999 PUTTISTPlus18999

Metallic silver with putting mat and AC adapter (no battery)

Glossy black with putting mat, built-in battery and AC adapter


  • Practice 6-45 foot putts
  • 4 built in games for entertainment and skill building
  • Indoor/Outdoor Use
  • 2 models to choose from
  • Adjustable green speed (3 stimp settings)
  • Provides swing path guides for better club face alignment
  • Displays distances in both feet or meters

"Without question, the weakest part of my golf game has always been putting and lagging the long ones. Its really neat to have something that can give me such positive feedback in my own home, esp. in Montana where the golf/practice season is shorter. Now, I'll be able to not only improve my technique, but also keep it sharp throughout the year and not have to start all over each spring."

-Danen Brucker, MT


See the PUTTIST in action here

Note: The Puttist can be easily switched to measure in FEET.

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We were introduced to the PUTTIST at the 2012 PGA show. We immediately saw the value of this training aid. It is easy to use, very compact, extremely portable and a great price point. While it is not technically a putting simulator, the PUTTIST offers you a simple; yet very effective training aid which truly can improve putting skills and lower scores. Oh…by the way it is entertaining and fun to use. We also like the fact you can use it indoors or outdoors and can be used by just about anybody.

Price $179-$210





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