SimHunt Review

A Real Hunting Experience Right In Your Own Home

There are several hunting simulators out there, but none come close to the SimHunt™ system. This is one of the most advanced hunting simulators around, and the best part is that you can use it right in the comfort of your own home.

Realistic Environment and Interactions

The graphics of SimHunt will make you feel like you are out in the wilderness, even if you are just in your living room. It immerses you in a true 3D world with life-like plants and animals.

The game physics are also quite admirable. The trees, plants, and grass move naturally as if a gentle wind is blowing. The animals also behave just like the real things.

SimHunt also comes packaged with a hi-tech hit detection camera that will keep track of where you actually hit the virtual animals; this means you will know if you manage to hit the vital spots and actually “kill” the animal.

Fun Factor and Learning Experience

The great thing about SimHunt is that you have the option of playing with a buddy; this not only makes hunting more fun, this also adds a sense of competition that will make you want to improve much faster. The replica hunting rifle and pistol are also well-made and accurately weighted, to complete the realistic feel.

Besides the usual hunting simulation that you might expect, there are many other games and modes included in SimHunt. There are actually over 40 titles, including trap shooting, wild boar runs, and grouse hunting. Every one of these modes will ensure that you will not only improve your hunting skills, you will also have fun.

While SimHunt is super entertaining, it is also a great training tool. After every session, the program will tell you how you can improve your shooting style, accuracy, and overall form. This is actually a much faster way for you to improve your skills as compared to practical experience.

Hardware and Software

The SimHunt Pro™ package contains the following:

  • Tracking camera with camera mount
  • 1 Hunting Rifle (replica)
  • 1 Training Pistol (replica)
  • 1 Hard Plastic Gun Case
  • The actual SimHunt software (for PC only)
  • Over 40 hunting and shooting titles, scenarios and modes
  • Necessary USB cables

You need to have a projector home entertainment system and a PC powerful enough to run modern games if you plan to get the basic package. However, if you do not have any of these requirements, you can also step up to the SimHunt Theater package, which includes everything in the above package plus a simulator-quality HD projector and a laptop that can run the program smoothly.

Ready... Set... Go Hunting!

To be clear, this is not a video game, it is an top notch hunting and shooting simulator. The ability to hunt many types of game at any time of the year, while improving your skills at the same time, is truly priceless. Ask us about SimHunt™!

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