The Best Sports Simulators

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Choose from the ultimate in sports entertainment with MultiSport simulators, offering a variety of interactive sports! Or check out our top of the line racing and flight simulators. Available in both portable and fixed models, these systems can bring active entertainment and training to players and customers of all skill levels.

Looking for a high-end sports simulator that includes golf?

Full Swing may be your best option with:

  • Multi-sport software with hockey, football, baseball, basketball, soccer, rugby, cricket, golf and more!
  • A great professional-grade multiple sports simulator.
  • Patented camera tracking technology which takes 2000 frames per second to accurately follow the ball.
  • Impressive graphics and a wide range of game-play options.
  • Full Swing Golf software, with top PGA Tour courses and more.

  Looking for arcade-style sports entertainment?

TruGolf MultiSport is probably your best option with:

  • A variety of sports arcade games including Rally Baseball, Breakaway Soccer, Slap Shot Hockey and FootGolf.
  • Easy install to your simulator running E6 Connect.
  • Standalone E6 Interactive Sports Camera tracking sensor technology.
  • Custom difficulty settings so players of different abilities to compete.
  • More games such as Bowl-a-Rama, Zombie Dodgeball, Disc-Go Golf and more are coming soon.
Car Racing & Flight Simulators

  Looking for additional entertainment?

VRX makes a great addition! Expand your simulation experience with:

  • Car racing simulator developed with the guidance of professional drivers featuring a interactive motion system that emulates the forces felt when driving.
  • Flight simulation with four motion actuators to provide a completely realistic flying experience. Perfect for learning to fly or keeping up with training.
  • Great standalone add-on!

Sport Simulators

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