TruGolf MultiSport Add-On

Add More Fun to Your Simulator!

Great for all ages, this easy-to-use system adds a variety of sports arcade games to your existing simulator or home theater with impact screen. The MultiSport package currently includes 4 Sports that the whole family can enjoy: Rally Baseball, Breakaway Soccer, Slap Shot Hockey and FootGolf. Plus other games such as Bowl-a-Rama, Zombie Dodgeball, Disc-Go Golf and more are coming soon. With these entertaining titles you can have year-round action without leaving your home!

Rally Baseball

If you like Home Run Derby you will love Rally Baseball. Choose from all kinds of options and game modes and try to hit fastballs and changeups out of the park! With Voice-Activated Pitching and Power Boost settings, you can bat around with the family and bring the game home.

Breakaway Soccer

Breakaway Soccer gives you a fun and exciting new approach to the World’s most popular game. Players have the choice of three Modes of Play, including: PENALTY KICK, TARGET PRACTICE, and PASSING. Change the difficulty level to make it fun and competitive for everyone.

Slap Shot Hockey

Tape up your hockey stick and get ready for a challenge. Choose from 4 modes of play, including GOALIE, TARGETS, BLACKOUT and the new LONG SHOT mode, where you shoot the distance of the rink at an empty net and try to avoid hitting the opponent.

Foot Golf

Immerse yourself in the world of Foot Golf! Players can choose from 4 Courses and add a Boost to increase distance for younger (and older)  foot-golfers. For anyone looking to add excitement to their round, users can activate DEMOLITION MODE where moving targets explode on impact. Truly hours of entertainment for the entire family.

Setup and Compete the way you want!

Up to 8 players

With many competition options!

In each game there are several settings and modes to customize play. You can choose how many players, rounds and even rules for each turn to keep the game moving. In each session you can also enjoy different modes which are basically "games within each game".

Custom difficulty settings so players of different abilities to compete!

Custom Settings

To Level the Playing Field

With each of the games you can set Easy, Medium and Hard difficulty as well as Boost settings on an individual basis. This makes it more fun for players of different abilities to play each other. That way the kids don't beat Dad too badly!  :)

MultiSport Interactive Sport Camera

The technology that makes all this magic happen is the Interactive Sports Camera. Specifically designed to track balls flying at high speeds, this camera sensor package does all the data gathering so this system does not rely on any additional sensors. During the easy installation, the sports software works quickly to auto-calibrate so you can get your game on quickly!

Package includes:

  • Interactive Sports Camera
  • Soccer Ball
  • Street Hockey Balls (2)
  • Foam Baseballs (2)
  • Microphone and Microphone Mount
  • E6 Product Launcher (great for switching between MultiSport Titles)

This package has almost everything you need to add start playing, including the sports equipment. However, grab your favorite bat and hockey stick as those are not included. Talk to us for details.

See it in Action!

Product Launcher

Switch easily between your favorite MultiSport Titles and E6 Connect Golf with the Product Launcher.

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