Full Swing Golf Software

The golf simulator software that has it all!

With beautiful visuals and a wide array of world class golf courses, this software offers a top notch golf experience. Plus, as the Official Licensee of The PGA TOUR® and TPC Network of Courses, Full Swing is the only one who can bring you TPC Sawgrass and many of your other favorite TOUR stops.

Instant and Reliable Stats

Improve your game by practicing with ION3 video replay at impact and compare shot shape tracers. This will help you get the most accurate data on your club path and ball trajectory.

Practice Designed by You!

Keep your practice sessions engaging by setting a targets, greens or buckets to different distances. Get the most out of your practice by customizing your range.

See the Break and Drain it!

With this new perspective, you'll see your ball break just as it would on-course. This updated engine brings our putting physics to the next level.

Realistic Graphics and Physics

Technology that delivers

The Full Swing Elite includes the fastest and most accurate technology available. It uses 688 infrared sensors across two tracks to measure the ball mid-flight at the speed of light. You can see your real ball flight on screen with no delay in transition from the real world to the simulated world, just like you would on the golf course.

Real course

Full Swing course

Looking for a...

Fully Customized Sports Simulator

Look no further!

At SES we specialize in integrating additional technology such as hunting and shooting simulation. Also add car racing, flight simulation and game console integration to your ultimate simulator room. Contact us to learn more.

Great Northern

Quivira Golf Course

More courses will be available with your subscription. To learn more contact us.