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The Best Golf Simulators

Check out our recommended virtual golf systems

With so many options it can be hard to make sense of all the different features, structures, and software. That's where we step in with over 10 years of experience selling, customizing, installing and maintaining countless golf simulators. Whether you are looking for a permanent structure like the TruGolf Premium, portable models like the MAX Series, or a versatile multi sport model like Full Swing — we have you covered. These simulators can offer a wide array of benefits, everything from game improvement to increased revenue and entertainment. We have experience with almost every system available on the market which gives us the unique ability to compare and recommend the best simulator for you. Let our knowledgable staff help you make this important decision, whether it be for your home or business.

Choose from these systems below:

Looking for purely a quality golf simulator?

TruGolf is probably your best option with:

  • Cutting-edge sensor technology that is easy to maintain
  • E6 Connect, the best software on the market with 100+ courses
  • Cloud connectivity for tournaments, events and fresh content.
  • An easy-to-use interface with fully customizable for game-play
  • Multiple structure options including portable simulators that are perfect for events, clubhouses, basements, garages, etc.
  • The lowest replacement cost for the screen on the market
  • The best swing analyzer provides clubhead as well as ball flight data which is ideal for training and instruction

Looking for a sports simulator that includes virtual golf?

Full Swing may be your best option with:

  • Multi-sport software with hockey, football, baseball, basketball, soccer, rugby, cricket as well as golf.
  • A great professional-grade multiple sports simulator.
  • Patented camera tracking technology which takes 2000 frames per second to accurately follow the ball.
  • Impressive graphics and a wide range of game-play options.
  • Full Swing Golf Software, the golf simulator software that has it all!

Business Use of Golf Simulators

Here are the main categories where a simulator is great at generating extra income for your business.

Click on each below:

Indoor Golf Centers

Large entertainment facilities, recreation centers, sports specific facilities and indoor golf facilities. These centers are golf centric with a focus on game improvement and profit generation.

Typical offerings:

  • Private lessons and golf clinics with golf pros
  • Leagues
  • Tournaments
  • Practice areas for chipping and putting
  • Hitting Bays and/or Driving Range
  • Club Fitting Services
  • Pro Shop
  • Memberships
  • Parties and special events
  • Offering a full food and beverages menu with specific menu items for simulator areas.

Number of simulators per facility: 3-5 is typical (there are a few mega centers offering up to 20 simulators)

Rates - Typically $35/pp/hr

Seasonal rates are popular (as low as $20/pp/hr in the summer)

Annual memberships typically range from $125 - $999 depending on number of golf simulators and add-on amenities. Memberships usually include perks like discounts on food, simulator time, lessons, etc.

Advertising Options - Boost revenue by selling onscreen advertising space on each simulator.


Special Events - Increase revenue to your facility by hosting special events. 35 Courses in our E6 library hold regularly televised golf events. Your patrons can watch a golf event on TV while they play the same course the pros are playing. Each golf simulator can double as a big screen TV, pipe in your digital cable or satellite feed and turn your facility into the ultimate place to watch the big game.

Promotions - Longest Drive or Closest to the Pin competitions with sponsorships and giveaways

Leagues bring in repeat customers and are a great way to increase buzz about your facility.

Tournaments are very popular.

  • Happy Hour promotions - (ex. Sports bars in college towns do Happy Hour promotions with $1 beer and $5 Closest to the Pin on Longest Drive Competitions).
  • Fundraising Events - it’s a new spin on the typical charity golf tournament. Run a Longest Drive Competition with participants raising 20 cents per yard (ex. 500 drives x .20 x 175 yards= $17,500)
  • Cross promote events with local businesses, golf courses, sports bars, retailers etc.

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Recommended Simulators >>  Signature - Premium - Elite

Casual Entertainment Facilities

These facilities are focused more on entertainment aspects rather than being golf-centric facilities. The golf simulators are used to draw more customers to their sports bar or entertainment facility for a unique, fun, active experience, while incorporating all the benefits of a golf simulator.

Guys (or Gals) night out is popular draw

Typical offerings:

  • Leagues
  • Tournaments
  • Parties & Events
  • Other entertainment choices such as big screen TV viewings, video game consoles can be added for additional entertainment options.
  • Snacks, food and beverages in a casual relaxed environment

Number of simulators per facility: 1-4 is typical

Rates - Average rates are $30/sim/hr or $15/pp/hr

Recommended Simulators >>  Signature - Premium - Elite

Golf Retail Stores

Make your shop come to life!

A simulator attracts customers and keeps them coming back!

A golf simulator is a perfect addition to your retail store. With a simulator you can let you customers try out equipment before they buy it. Hold a product demonstration on the simulator and give your customers the chance to try out the hottest new equipment. You can demonstrate everything from shoes to golf clubs on this system, without your customers ever leaving your building. A golf simulator can truly affect your sales and keep your numbers in the black.

The Vista Series simulators are portable, affordable and perfect for a retail environment to boost sales of golf clubs, golf balls and other golf accessories. With the E6 swing analyzer, customers have the ability to get feedback to help them decide which the correct club for them. This turns the buying process from a guessing game into an informed decision which the customer will be satisfied.

Recommended Simulators >>  Vista Series - Signature - Premium

Tradeshows and Special Events

Full Swing simulator at a company event drawing a crowd

Attract Attention

SES offers several products which are ideal for trade shows and specials events. Each of these products is great for attracting attention and making a lasting impression at your next event.

Trade Shows

Are you looking to increase traffic to your business's next trade show? Do you have a special event where you would like to offer your patrons a little more fun and excitement? You might want to consider one of the Vista series simulators which are perfect for the trade show environment; easy to setup, easy to operate and also great at generating buzz around your booth.


All exhibitors want a large group of people huddled around their booth. These products are a great way to have people stop and notice your business at any trade show. You can hold a "closest to the pin" or "longest drive" contest, a putting challenge or even invite people up to enjoy demolition golf. These memorable experiences can separate you from your competition and create a lasting impression for your future customers.

Special Events and Fundraisers

Golf and sports simulators are perfect for special events and fundraisers. The Elite offers the ability to insert a corporate message or logo directly into live game-play for increased exposure and directed branding. Each product appeals to a large demographic and can truly make your next event a successful event.

Rental Companies

Simulators can be purchased and then rented out to the general public for special events. Birthday parties, bachelor parties, corporate events, team building, trade shows and fundraising are just a few of the possible revenues streams. All these products are designed for commercial use and are designed to hold up under heavy use.

Recommended Simulators >>  Vista Series - Signature - Premium - Elite

We are constantly evaluating new and inventive ways to integrate our products into business applications to drive profits and increases customer satisfaction. We specialize in multiple product integration across a vast cross section of the business world. If you don’t see your industry located within this area of the website, please contact us to receive our product recommendations for your specific industry. Also be sure to sign up for our latest special offers here.

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