TruGolf Simulators Overview

An indoor golf system that improves playing skills by recreating the true look, touch and feel of golf through an entertaining full simulator experience. Created by a group of golfers, game developers, and software engineers who possessed a shared enthusiasm; to design a golf system which improved playing skills by recreating the true look, touch and feel of golf through a full simulator experience.

Over the years the consistent improvements to the hardware and software to incorporate the world's greatest courses and the latest cutting edge technology. These systems deliver on the promise to provide you an accurate, realistic response so the skills developed inside translate perfectly to your outdoor game.

Structures and Built-in Systems

Technology and Features

TruTrack2 Swing Analyzer

This golf simulator technology, swing analysis and tracking system work by collecting crucial data about your shot, including: club head speed, club path, and face angle, together with critical elements of ball flight, including ball speed, launch angle and direction. A three row array of high-speed optical infrared sensors  gathers information about these elements at approximately 100,000 samples per second. Ball spin is then derived from advanced ball-flight algorithms. This information is analyzed instantly as the ball appears on the screen through infrared sensor triangulation. This triangulation method is extremely accurate and is commonly used in many scientific applications.

Unlike other simulators, this simulator not only tells you what your ball flight is doing, but it also provides all the data so you can see why it flies a particular way. These elements translate into extremely accurate ball flight and swing analysis. TruGolf simulators have over two decades of ball flight data collection, testing, and fine-tuning. See our post on how "Your Golf Technique Can Be Improved By What The Naked Eye Cannot See."

The Golf Mat Matters

TruTrack2 offers a Fiberbuilt golf mat which closely replicates hitting off real turf. It does this by allowing you to swing down and through all your shots, providing forgiveness and the most durable and realistic practice possible. This upgraded hitting surface improves ball striking by providing real feedback and feel on your shots.

Featuring TruFlight 2

TruFlight 2 brings the ultimate in launch monitor technology to your simulator. Working hand in hand with the club-head analysis and E6 Connect software this add-on calculates ball flight metrics with unmatched precision. This new Launch Monitor captures every golf shot with unrivaled accuracy at an unbeatable price. TruFlight 2 features the latest technology allowing users to play every shot like they would on the course. This 3 Camera system captures both Club and Ball Data for a comprehensive analysis of player performance and ball striking. The overhead technology collects Club and Ball data simultaneously, the proprietary ball flight engine allows users to shape their shots just like they would outdoors.

The development of this overhead Launch Monitor as aided by the feedback from home owners, professional and amateur golfers and years of experience in the industry. The result of this feedback and development is TruFlight 2, a multiple high-speed camera system that captures Club Head and Ball data simultaneously at 3200 FPS. This Launch Monitor is specifically used indoors and removes all hardware and sensors from the floor, making this technology for commercial locations.

The TruFlight 2 simply mounts to the ceiling of a hitting bay and provides uninterrupted play for Right and Left-handed golfers. The TruFlight 2 can be added to any existing hitting bays or simulators, easily retrofitting current technology. Contact us today to learn more about this great technology.

TruFlight 2 Advantage

  • 3 Camera System – Capturing Club and Ball Data
  • Designed and perfected for Indoor Use
  • Play for Right and Left-Handed Golfers without moving hardware
  • No more sensors in the floor
  • Easily added to existing or new structures

What are the dimensions of the TruGolf Simulators?

For each simulator we have listed the dimensions as well as the adequate space you will need for your simulator. Although Trugolf structures vary in size, our minimum recommended dimensions are 15’w x 20’d x 10’h.  This space accommodates for the full swing and follow-through of most golfers, allows for sufficient space to install your system, and gives multiple players enough space to be in the room at once.

What are the power requirements of the simulator?

All simulators draw 3-4 Amps, and need one 15A 125V duplex receptacle (except Custom installs).

Is there any pre-wiring that needs to be done prior to the installation?

Only the Custom Simulator requires pre-wiring. It also can require several electrical outlets as well as video and data conduits located near each component. For example the projector needs power, video, and sometimes data. Component locations vary. For more specific information, contact us.

Can I use my own computer/projector/screen (peripherals)?

This depends on the simulator you buy. Our computers require certain hardware configurations and contain proprietary tracking hardware. We custom build our computers with the latest Intel Processors and NVIDIA chipset Graphics card. Often we can integrate the current equipment that you own into one of our simulators, but its best to check with our minimum requirements and contact us.

Where can I see one?

We'd love for you to experience our systems before you decide what you want. We have installations all over the world. Contact us and we can help you find the one closest to you.

Can I choose which golf courses I want?

Each simulator comes with at least 15 courses up to over 90 courses. We sell additional courses in packages, totaling over 90 World Class Courses.

Can you putt on your systems?

Our systems measure putting at true distance. The sensors track the putt from moment of impact and track the club head to give the truest putt on the market.

What is the lifespan of hitting screen/hitting mat/projector bulb?

The golf hitting mat is very durable and its life depends on use. Most hitting mats in residential settings last 2 years or longer. The golf screen is very durable but will break down over time with use. Use clean golf balls that have not been scratched or marred. The golf screen will last a year or two with normal residential use and approximately 12 months to 18 months with heavy commercial use. Club Head Sensors - Minimal upkeep is required for our golf simulator. Since our system uses club head tracking technology, the club head sensors in the hitting mat must remain clear. Simply vacuum any debris from the sensor holes every so often. Projector – The projector bulb will need to be replaced occasionally.

SES recommends:
For residential application we recommend vacuuming out your sensor rows about once a month and once a week for commercial use. It is also very useful to track the hours of use on your projector. All the projectors that we sell have a counter to keep track of the hours of use. Depending on use of the simulator we recommend that you check your projector once a month.

What golf simulation software do I get on the simulator?

Currently we are offering the latest and greatest golf software E6 Connect. It is revolutionary in the world of golf simulation, featuring a fully 3D living environment. Learn more here.

Can you use the simulators outside?

No. Trugolf’s Trutrac sensors require undisturbed lighting, and are not recommended for outside use.

Do you install the simulators?

Yes, we offer installation on all of our simulators, although the portable Vista models do not require professional installation, and can be set up quite easily by the customer. Depending on the product and customization, installation may be required.

What differentiates the TruGolf Simulator from its competition?

Highlights of what sets TruGolf apart include:

  • Variety of price points and models (portable, fixed and custom).
  • State-of-the-art Sensor Technology.
  • The Swing Analyzer factors in club head and ball flight data with an incredible degree of accuracy. These are the only simulators with the capability of reading your fade or draw and precisely simulating it.
  • Offers the gold standard of golf simulator software: See E6 Golf software's features here.

The golf simulator market is constantly evolving so be sure to contact us to learn of the latest advancements in the industry.

Do you offer any specials?

Yes, at different times of the year we offer special deals. These include everything from delivery discounts, free add-ons and even cash savings. Check here to see if we have any special offers currently running.

Do you offer financing?

Yes, we work with a third-party company for our commercial customers, which offer financing and leasing options. For our residential customers we have found it more successful for our customers to contact their own bank or other financial partner where a current relationship is in place. Please see our financing page or contact us for more info about financing.

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