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iMotion Series

The Best Car Racing Simulator!

The iMotion series has been developed with the guidance of professional drivers to make the complete racing experience come to life. With the D-BOX motion system emulating the exact forces you feel while accelerating, turning and breaking, the training and entertainment value is impressive. This versatile simulator brings all of the adrenaline and excitement of driving fast and competing on the track.

Race With Any Car, on Any Track

The Excellence of D-Box


Motion platforms are not created equally and this system outshines them all. With four pivot points and realistic movement the system is perfectly tuned to the sim titles and showcases the best in modern simulator technology. This system produces g-forces with an ultra-fast reaction time to ensure the driver’s movements have an immediate reaction. With all the advances the system is still easy to use and setup of new sim titles is quickly accomplished. With one of the best motion platforms on the market you will enjoy a lifetime of uninterrupted fun.

Made to Last and Expand


Not only was this system created to be sleek and modern, it was designed to be strong enough to handle the toughest user and be ready for the next event. Polished pipes, durable black finished accents and the ability to continually expand makes this one of the strongest systems in the market.

Robust and Modular Design


In addition to its industry leading, robust design with two inch polished stainless steel tube chassis, it has the ability to easy accommodate future add-ons. Military standard hard black anodized finish on select components for excellent durability and stunning aesthetics.

Club Sport Wheel


Driving never felt more real with the features of this wheel showcasing the best of German design. With alcantra finished grips, a RPM and telemetry function display, five programmable profiles allowing you to quickly and easily switch between courses and cars and the quick release capability, you will understand the exhilarating feeling of racing. Whether you decide to use the F1 open wheel style or the BMW M3 GT2 exact replica wheel, the dual vibration motors will all you to enjoy an extraordinary realistic driving experience.

The World's Most Advanced!

Leading the industry with unsurpassed realism


The iMotion simulators feature a 4 Actuator, Commercial Grade D-Box Motion System capable of producing 2G's of acceleration and 3-DOF (degrees of freedom). This is without question, the most robust and maintenance free motion system on the market!

Stunning Three Screen Array


Three ultra slim LED screens combine to form a sensationally realistic, 3 x 1080 HD wrap around display, completely optimized for racing and flight simulation. Choose from one of our standard sized display iMotion simulators or checkout our options list for more display sizes. Also included with the display package and unique to the VRX, is an ambient light canopy, which significantly reduces glare and provides a great place for company or team branding.

Shift like a Professional


Able to be positioned on either side of the seat, another remarkable feature is the TH8 RS Gearbox. Designed to replicate the feeling of a real race car, it can be configured to match multiple car types and when used with the Fanatec F1 paddles the experience is unmatched.

Z906 Speaker System


The 5.1 surround sound package delivers an earth shaking 500 watts providing the power and excitement of an actual race. Speakers are securely mounted in a location to feel the power of the base and clear high tones, such as the rear speakers mounted directly behind the driver on the high polish speaker wing bracket.

Clubsport V2 Pedal Set


This top quality and burly pedal set is something special. The combination of fast action and immediate response as you push the car through the corners while toggling between brake and clutch make every race come alive. True to life vibration with the ability to adjust on the fly allows the driver to control the system and the race.

Digital Brain to Tame the Muscle


Powering the simulator is a high end, ultra performance simulator optimized computer boasting 240 fps and plenty of processing power. A simulator this impressive needs a computer powerful enough for smooth transitions, seamless graphics and the ability to upgrade. Arriving with preloaded software and vigorously tested, this high powered PC will bring your racing to a whole new level.

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