A Complete Shooting Simulator Geared for Training and Entertainment

With ammo prices at an all-time high, and gun laws becoming more restrictive, shooters are looking for an affordable and accessible opportunity to practice and train with their firearms. The Gunfighter Pro™ powered by Ti Outdoors is the solution. We have created this to meet the needs of our commercial customers, who are looking to offer a higher level of training. It provides you and your customers the advantage of not expending costly ammunition, all the while getting versatile firearms training through the use of video scenarios and real weapons. This upgraded, turn-key, expandable system comes with 235 scenarios specifically designed for CCW, home invasion and Use of Force training. Included with this package are four inert training pistols to accommodate shooters of all skill levels.

Additional Scenario Packages Available!

This system is configurable to your needs with the ability customize scenario packages for training and/or entertainment. Plus there are 400 additional scenarios currently available and more coming.

Package comes with:


...in the Gunfighter Sport model PLUS:


  • 2 Additional Inert Pistols (4 total)
  • Low-Light Camera Package (Includes camera, flashlight)
  • Picture in Picture USB camera hardware
  • Ask us about weapon options


  • 360+ Law Enforcement based Use-of-Force and Personal Protection scenarios
  • Instructor Led Use-of-Force interactive software
  • Ti Review and Report Generating software
  • Ti Advanced Debrief Functionality
  • Picture in Picture software
  • Low-Light training package software
  • 1-Day Onsite Visit with Ti Tech
  • And more!  Contact us for details

Available Add-Ons

Software Add-ons

  • More entertaining titles (Zombies, Cowboys, and more)
  • Training Courseware
  • Simulated Indoor and outdoor ranges
  • Firing Line Software

Hardware Add-ons

  • Replica pistols and AR-15s with recoil
  • Recoil insert kits for pistols & AR-15s
  • Recoil Kits for AR-15s
  • Tasers and OC Canisters
  • Laser Shotgun kits

Optional Hunting Add-On

SimHunt software can be added to this system to bring hunting to your shooting experience.

For more info on weapons, hardware and software — click here to see our site dedicated to this system...

Also check out our 180 degree Use of Force simulator.

Inert, replica and Airsoft guns are not classified as firearms and are legal for use by all ages under federal law. However, in some municipalities and states, there are restrictions on these types of guns and it is the buyers responsibility to check with and adhere to their local laws.

The Gunfighter Pro is powered by Ti Outdoors

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