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Golf and Sport Simulators

TruGolf Simulators - We offer the full lineup of TruGolf Simulators. These are our bestselling golf simulators, featuring both E6 and the game changing E6 Connect software with over 100 courses available. Each structure is superbly built for both commercial and residential use. Make sure to check out the portable Vista Series! All models include a full practice range mode as well as a state of the art swing analyzer that provides both club-head and ball-flight data. These simulators are ideal for instruction, personal game improvement, generating revenue and providing limitless entertainment. Check out our full array of TruGolf simulators here…

Full Swing is the most complete sports simulator on the market and also a top contender for best golf simulator. We the Full Swing Elite multi-sport simulator. you can have it all! Imagine experiencing the thrill of kicking a game winning field goal or blasting a puck past a pro goalie. This simulator comes with all the sports and games including Golf, Baseball, Hockey, Lacrosse, Cricket, Rugby, Soccer, Bocce, Zombie Dodgeball, Basketball, Golf powered by the new Full Swing Golf Software and more!

A recent addition to our lineup Power Swing is a flexible, install friendly, and low maintenance system. It works great as a basement golf simulator or any room with a low ceiling as it is driven by a single overhead unit. Power Swing also features a shot perspective auto-adjust, motion analysis slow-motion video playback, instant ball flight display showing draws, fades, hooks and slices as well as E6 Golf, the best software on the market with 90+ courses. Great for entertainment, training and teaching, this cost effective golf simulator is definitely one to consider!

Shooting Simulators


SimHunt Shooting Simulators - We offer a complete shooting simulation experience with our SimHunt shooting simulators. These simulators can be used as standalone units or can easily be added to existing projections based systems. With over 40 titles of software — everything from Trap Shooting to Pheasant to Wild Boar — there is something for all marksmen and hunting enthusiasts. Looking to introduce someone to the sport of shooting? Combine one of our simulator packages with the Hunter’s Education software for a safe learning experience. Check out our SimHunt simulators here…



The Gunfighter Shooting Simulator - Find yourself in a wild-west shootout, or test your shooting skills as Zombies lurk in the shadows. This ultimate shooting simulator package offers the most realistic, entertaining experience through the use of real firearms with laser inserts and incredible video production. With stunning graphics, crystal clear images and precise sounds, you will be totally immersed into the action. A great combination of entertainment and training, grab your friends and test your skills on this unbelievable system. Increase revenue and customer satisfaction with this system today.



The Gunfighter Pro - This is a state-of-the-art video based shooting system for commercial applications. Utilizing production quality video and sound combined with high-tech sensor technology, the Pro model is the perfect training and teaching simulator. This product can be used for CCW classes, skill development and realistic scenario training. It is the perfect system for personal protection and self-defense instructors and trainers looking to add an incredible assets to their existing classes. Built for versatility and even a portable option, you the ability to practice or train from virtually anywhere. 200+ CCW/Home Invasion video scenarios are included standard with this system, with the ability to add over 400+ additional scenarios. Only available here!



The Smokeless Range is appropriate for the entire family and a lot of fun! With a quick setup it works well as portable simulator in the home or even office. You can also use it to improve your shooting skills and trigger discipline. We carry the full line of Smokeless Range Simulators and accessories. We've also created an affordable package of the best selling software titles that is designed to be easy to use while providing hours of entertainment and training right out of the box.

The SES Advantage

Your One Source for Excellence in Sports Simulation

For over a decade we have been selling and servicing the most cutting edge indoor golf simulators, sports simulators as well as hunting and shooting simulators. Experts in the integration of multiple systems, we offer solutions that provide enduring entertainment and multiple streams of revenue.

Reasons to choose SES for your simulator needs:

Custom Services

Unbiased Recommendations

Our job is to provide the right solution for you. We have no allegiance to any one manufacturer and we can often provide a combination of products from different sources to best suit your needs.

Implementation Services

Expertise in Multiple Product Integration

We have over a decade of experience combining simulator systems to meet our customers needs. In addition, we are always finding new and inventive ways to integrate our products into different business applications to drive profits and increases customer satisfaction.

Scheduling Services

The Most Competitive Pricing

There is no "middle-man markup" and we often have specials, exclusive packages, and added benefits. We will not be undersold by any manufacturers and will match their price if, by chance, it is lower.

Customized Training

Expert Install and Service Packages

We ensure you are set up and running correctly with our professional installation and service packages. With over a decade of experience, we provide the most knowledgeable service in the industry. Learn more here…

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