Sport Simulators - Bring The Game to You!

Our goal is simple: to bring the fun and challenge in sports whenever, wherever you want. Our multi-sports simulators can work in any room as long as there is electricity and we can install the product for you at your convenience. And we assure you that you can use it immediately, right after we finish installing.

Your Simulator Can Be Installed Anywhere

It doesn’t matter if you want to install the simulator in your home or at work, as long as the room’s dimensions are at least 10’ x 10’ x 10’. We recommend that you at least have additional 1’ allowance for the length and width of the room and 2’ allowance for the height. The smallest screen that we offer are 6’9” tall by 9’ wide.

A Business Opportunity

You can even profit from the multi-sports simulator. We can install a coin or bill collection system that will require players to pay before they could play. It is an excellent source of additional revenue for those who run cafes, restaurants, bars, arcades, or any business that has lots of traffic.

Advertising and Branding

The games within the simulator are programmed to allow in-game advertisements and branding. You can set it up to place logos and ad images on the game environment itself, just like in typical sports arenas. You do not necessarily need to put an ad for yourself. You can, instead, sell ad spaces in your game as another way to earn profit.

Bill, Coin, and Credit Operations

If you plan to make the simulator your primary profit driver, it is best that you add a bill, coin, and credit card system on the simulator. Doing so can simplify the operation and renting of the system. Installing this system allows for faster turnovers for customers, simpler price management, and quicker profit collection.

The Best Businesses That Work With Multi-Sport Simulator Systems

Some of the best places or businesses that you want to place or use a simulator in are recreation centers, entertainment centers, retail sporting goods stores, indoor sports centers, and sports stadiums or arenas. The best thing about the simulator is that it doesn’t wear and tear fast despite heavy use. The only abused part of the system is the screen, which you can easily replace or fix.

An Effective Training Tool

Our multi-sports simulator comes with real sports equipment for the appropriate games. You do not play using controllers. Instead, you swing with a real bat, tee with a real club, and throw a real baseball. Using the necessary equipment for the actual sport makes for an awesome immersive experience — as if you are truly playing a real game.

A Wireless Experience

The set of sports equipment you use in our simulator is completely wireless. You do not need to wear any wired equipment to start a game. Just set the game, get your sports gear (e.g. bat, club, soccer ball, etc.), and play. Nothing will tether you to the system — just like a real game.

How Does It Work?

The system takes advantage of motion control. It uses four high-end tracking cameras to monitor you and your sports equipment. The cameras record all your movements. An object tracking program translates the images the cameras have captured as data. The program then sends the processed data as input to the game you chose.

We provide high-speed tracking cameras, which can take more than 2,000 pictures every second. Our Microsight technology allows the system to detect the angle, speed, and trajectory of the projectiles that move within the platform area. Basically, it can track the pucks and balls with extreme precision in real time.

Safety With Sports Equipment and Balls

You do not need to worry about the safety of playing sports inside the room where you installed the system. You can rest assured that the screen — an impact-resistant double-layer mesh screen — can withstand the force of the balls or puck you use during your games. The screen is able to absorb and dampen the impact to prevent your equipment from flying wildly all over the room.

Screen Designed for Performance

The LCD projector that comes with the system will display the visual elements of the game on the dual-layer mesh screen. Most of the games have menus and additional graphical user interface to provide you with important game and sports information. You can set and interact with the system using a touch screen that comes with the system.

Sport Simulator Systems

Sports Software Packages

We have a large variety of sports software including baseball, football, hockey, soccer, basketball, cricket, and rugby. There are also titles geared more towards entertainment games such as bocce, zombie dodgeball, and carnival games. Most of the simulators provide you the chance to perform important aspects of the sport. For example, baseball simulations let you hit and pitch. In football, you can perform passes and field goal responsibilities and in basketball, you can practice shooting.

Virtual Golf

Also included with every Full Swing Elite Simulator is full golf capability powered by the E6 golf. It comes with 15 detailed and beautiful courses (Base Course Package). All of the systems are expandable, which means that you can add any games.
VS Multi-Sport Add-On and SES Gold Service Package

You get all the sports software packages in your system. our Gold Package installation and servicing plan. The Gold Package includes lifetime support, training, and premium wires and cables.

We know that some of you may already have a multisport simulation system. That’s OK — you can still avail of the sports simulation games packages or add-on even if you already have an existing simulator system from another company. You can still get all the games from the Multi-Sport Add-On, as well as the additional services that come with it.

Elite Sports Simulator

The Elite is the product we recommend for those who prefer to have the most customized sports gaming experience. We will be more than willing to collaborate with your architect or contractor to convert the room where you want to have the system install into a complete gaming, entertainment, and home theater area — your very own man-cave. You can even easily add and extend your library of games, sports, and simulation programs (such as flight and car simulators) with our system’s extendibility feature.

We recommend that you have a room with a dimension of 11’ x 14’ x 15’ for the Elite system. It is not the minimum requirement, but it is best to future-proof your room if you plan to put in additional features later. The Elite comes with the SES Gold service plan and a 1-year warranty on all of the programs and equipment that we will provide.

Our Service Plans

We have two installation and servicing packages available for you: the SES Silver package and the SES Gold package. The SES Gold package comes with the VS Elite system package and the VS Multi-Sport Add-On.

SES Silver Service Package

This service plan comes with the regular on-site installation and construction of the system you got. Our service people will also set everything up and train/teach the person who will operate the system for three days. The schedule of the installation depends on your schedule. Do note that the flat fee does not include potential additional labor and travel costs.

SES Gold Service Package

The Gold plan is basically an upgraded version of the Silver plan — but with a ton of perks. First, the training for the operator(s) will be much more intensive and even includes an extensive Q&A session. Second, you will get extended support for your system from us combined with the support of the respective OEMs of included equipment. The support is valid as long as you keep all the warranties.

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