ACES Playing Cards Collection

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ACES = Accumulate - Collect - Engage - Score

ACES Card Collection

SESCrypto is working with partner companies to establish a strong and growing community within the Web3 space. ACES is our first digital collectibles launch to build and reward our community. ACES is a project where we will be launching a series of digital collectibles tied to poker cards. Over time we will be holding “collection competitions” where we will be rewarding our community members.

These competitions will vary from easy wins for holding a specific card, to multiple card combinations (poker hands) that can win you bigger prizes. As the community grows so will the prizes which will include swag, merchandise, access to events!

Have Our Playing Cards?

Did you receive a deck of playing cards with a QR code or scan a QR code at one of our events? If so, you can join our whitelist (pre-sale) to be able to mint one digital collectible for free, before the collection is opened for public sale.

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ACES Collection

Our collection will contain individual cards from 4 different custom-created decks of playing cards. We will be featuring three different camouflage patterns and one deck of cards from SESCrypto. We are combining traditional marketing approaches as well as reaching out to existing Web3 communities to launch ACES. As part of our pre-mint activities we will be giving away physical decks of our playing cards at upcoming trade shows. On these cards are QR codes to be able to mint one of our digital collectibles for free. We will be starting our Whitelist for first access on 1/16/23. In addition to scanning the QR code to join our whitelist, we will be giving away a number of slots to our community to be able to claim your collectible before the public sale. Follow our Twitter page for updates and information. 

Our Digital Collection of NFTs are different.

All the art from our ACES collection was created by Artist Daniel Ferry. Not only are these cool, but they are also dynamic and evolving. By adding different utility traits over time, our collection will stay fresh and engaging for our community.  

ACES is our genesis project and future projects from us will be built upon ACES or at least will have cross-compatibility between projects. We want to build a Web3 community that is strong, growing and loyal. Snag your digital collectible now and join us as we shape marketing and commerce within Web3.  

We are open about who we are, what we’re doing and who we are partnered with. We believe in transparency and it’s important for our community to know who we are and our goals. 

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FREE digital collectible!

SES Crypto and our project partners will be giving away partner merchandise, prizes, discounts and entry into upcoming events. Stay up to date on sales, new product launches and future NFT drops from our current and future partners on this project.

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ACES Digital Collectibles

Introducing ACES Card Collectibles, a collection of digital collectibles powered by SES Crypto. A fun and engaging way to interact with a vast and growing community through NFT collecting. ACES is a combination of three decks of playing cards featuring three unique Camouflage patterns from our partners at God’s Country Camouflage. In addition to the three sets, there is also a rare deck of cards from SES Crypto. These four decks of cards will make up our genesis launch and will be the foundation of our web3 community.

We will be featuring different “collection competitions” for swag, merchandise, access to events and as the community grows so will the prizes. Claim your FREE digital collectible here and join our growing community.