E6 Connect

Play with a Golfers Around the World!

With E6 Connect you can enter the realm of cloud-based play where you can connect and play against golfers around the globe. The options are nearly limitless and include private peer-to-peer matches, quick competitions as well as custom and global tournaments. Play entertaining games at home with golfers of all ages and skill levels.

More Realistic Than Ever

This amazingly real and customizable golf software has 4k graphics, enhanced physics, in addition to accurate and comprehensive ball flight data. The first-rate golf course library inside of E6 has been entirely redesigned so E6 Connect has many of the same courses as E6 but with improved graphics and now in 4K.

Improve Your Game and Enjoy Every Minute of It!

The software incorporates knowledge and lessons from Mike Malaska, PGA Teacher of the Year in 2011, so you can work on your game while having a blast. Practice on the dynamic driving range with engaging skill challenges and switch to a real match when you are ready.

Great for Indoor Facilities and Golf Clubs

Commercial locations and golf clubs can use E6 Connect to help encourage the growth of their leagues. Plus online events provide a draw to bring in players all year round. Golf pros can also utilize the deep features to provide fully interactive lessons.

The Future is Here!

So get ready to compete in head-to-head matches, skill challenges, and games in real time with E6 Connect!


You can adjust any of these options:

  • Mulligans
  • Length of Gimmies (or On/Off)
  • Pin Positions (18 per each green)
  • Terrain Penalties
  • Wind direction, speed and more
  • Adjust Elevation
  • Stimp Rating (accurate green speeds to help your putting feel)
  • And more!

Are you an existing E6 user?

Upgrade to E6 Connect

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  • Real Time Head-to-Head Play
  • Local Multiplayer
  • iOS Compatibility
  • Live Statistic Tracking
  • 4K Compatible Graphics and New Ocean Animation
  • Enhanced Physics
  • Authentic Stimp Rating

E6 Golf Simulator Software

The gold standard of golf simulation

Available on 13 different platforms

Built by golfers, game developers, and software engineers, a new world of virtual golf was born. E6 recreates the true look, touch and feel of the game and inspires players to improve their skills within a full simulator experience.

Over the years the software has been consistently improved to incorporate the world's greatest courses and the latest state-of-the-art technology. It delivers on the promise to provide you an accurate, realistic response so the skills developed inside translate perfectly to your outdoor game.

E6 Software Technology

Control the Weather and Much More!

With E6 you can control the Time of Day and experience the changing colors, reflections and shadowing are as real as if you were outdoors. Start your round early in the morning and watch the shadows fade and the sun cross the sky; as you play your round. Other great features include a touchscreen interface, 3 different camera modes, replays, collision technology with true to life reactions, lifelike animations of wind, waves and rain, plus Real-time ball flight data.

Time of Day

Players can determine the time of day they want to tee off. Using real world modeling, changing colors, reflections and shadowing are as real as if you were outdoors. Start your round early in the morning and watch the shadows fade and the sun cross the sky; as you play your round.

Touchscreen Interface

Using the latest touch screen technology, players can navigate through the program with ease.

Camera Modes

Want to see that monster drive again? No problem. E6 offers three different camera modes, which give you the ability to view and replay your shots in stunning detail. Replays are offered after every shot and you can view the different camera modes with just a touch of a button.

Classic Camera - Tracks the shot from the player’s perspective giving the best view of the ball's trajectory.

Ball Camera - Shows a clear view from above the ball from the moment its hit to the second it comes to rest, you get a bird’s eye view of the ball.

TV Camera - This mode uses state-of-the-art technology to represent your shot as if you were watching it on TV.

Collision Technology

E6 has mastered the technology of collision computer modeling. Allowing you to view the way a golf ball reacts to different objects it comes in contact with. Experience the true to life reactions to your simulated golf ball bouncing off, rocks, trees and of course the pin.


E6 was designed to make you feel as if you were playing outdoors. Grass, trees and the flag react to changing wind conditions. Listen to the waves crash along the shore, watch and hear the rain fall, there are even birds and crickets chirping in the background as you play your round.

Shot Control & Feedback

Feel free to hit draws and fades, work different trajectories, and back the ball up on the green, just as you would do outdoors. Real-time ball flight data is used to give you complete control over each and every shot. Speed, launch angle, spin rate, club path, club face angle and direction are all measured and shown in the post shot analyzer. Learn more about the E6 swing analyzer here.

The Ultimate Caddie

The top-view window gives you all the information you need, including distance to the pin, lay-up yardages, elevation yardages, elevation changes, and wind speed direction.

E6 Golf Courses

Travel the world of golf from within your simulator

Golf courses are aesthetically inspiring and regarded as some of the most captivating places on the planet. To do them justice the Element 6 (E6) system uses digital technology to capture all features of each course. Using exclusive world modeling tools, E6 achieves pinpoint accuracy and an incredible degree of detail. Each E6 course has been crafted to accurately replicate the actual course down to the smallest details. The visuals are only half of the software as the actual physics of each hole layout allow golfers to experience what it actually feels like to play the course. This system offers the largest and most prestigious course library in the industry, with nearly 100 courses available. According to Golf Digest, 18 of the E6 courses are ranked in the “Top 100 Courses in America”, 23 are ranked in the “Top 100 Courses in the World”, and 32 hold televised events.

Standard Course Pack

15 courses
Banff Springs Resort
Bay Hill Club & Lodge
The Belfry
Bountiful Golf Club
Castle Pines Golf Club
Firestone Country Club
Harbour Town Golf Links
Mauna Kea Resort
Par Three Ocean
Par Three Mountain
Gleneagles Golf Club
Pinehurst Country Club #2
Bethpage Black
Torrey Pines Golf Club
Troon North Golf Club

Course Pack 1

12 courses
Barton Creek – Fazio Foothills
Big Horn
Big Horn Canyons
Cog Hill
Covered Bridge
Devil’s Island
Dorado Beach
Emerald Dunes
Sea Island
Kiawah Island
The Tribute at Otsego Club

Course Pack 2

12 courses
Entrada at Snow Canyon
Innisbrook Copperhead
Kapalua Bay
Kapalua Plantation
Kapalua Village
Pelican Hill
Pinehurst Country Club #8
Prairie Dunes
Phoenix Country Club
Three Canyons

Course Pack 3

11 courses
Aviara Resort
Auburn Grand National RTJ
Chateau Whistler
Mauna Lani
Royal Melbourne
The Judge Capitol Hill RTJ
Stone Canyon
Thanksgiving Point

Course Pack 4

12 courses
Cabo del Sol
Cambrian Ridge RTJ
Gallery North
Kauri Cliffs
King & the Bear
Loch Lomond
New South Wales
Pacific Rim
Raven Golf Club Phoenix
Skeleton Coast
Superstition Mountain

Course Pack 5

12 courses
Le Grand George
Wade Hampton
Bandon Dunes
Pacific Dunes
Owl Creek
RTJ Silver Lakes – Heartbreaker
RTJ Silver Lakes – Mindbreaker
RTJ Silver Lakes – Backbreaker

E6 Golf Swing Analyzer

Built-in to both E6 and E6 Connect, the state-of-the-art “Post-Shot” swing analyzer allows you to instantly see the spin, launch angle, club head speed, ball speed, direction, club face angle, and club path angle. This feedback will allow you to identify exactly what is happening with your ball-striking.

Golf Swing Analyzer
Full Launch Monitor data plus swing analysis with automatic detection of woods and irons

Golf Swing Analysis
Analyze your club path an position at impact with this swing analyzer technology