Power Swing Golf Simulator

What makes the system unique is the single overhead multi-camera unit that provides a low profile installation. The minimal construction needed for a full built-in system combined with low ongoing maintenance means savings to you. Power Swing gives you a budget friendly option to enhance your man cave or golf studio.

  • Overhead sensor gives you the ability to use a variety of flooring and turf options.
  • Drop your ball and hit away. No need to waste time selecting your club, just place the ball in the camera’s view and swing away.
  • System instantly displays ball flight with draws, fades, hooks and slices accurately shown.
  • Perspective auto-adjust feature – Put the ball down and the shot perspective on the screen changes automatically.
  • Motion Analysis Slow-Motion Camera system great for teaching.
  • E6 Golf Software with 27 Courses, (Base Pack and choice of another Course Pack) - Option to increase your library to a total of over 90 World Class Golf Courses.
  • One overhead unit contains all the necessary sensors, keeping your floor and walls clear of additional wiring.
  • Low profile so great for rooms with low ceilings like basements.
  • Low maintenance system saving time and money.
  • Multiple-Year Warranty

Accuracy and Technology

Putting on this system works well with E6 software

This system includes feature precision measurement, processing, and physics calculations to create an extremely accurate golf simulation. The six high-speed cameras are able to read up to 9600 frames per second, to capture every detail. Factoring the clubhead path and ball spin, it does a fantastic job of faithfully representing draws, fades, hooks, and slices.

Advantages of a Top Mounted System

Designed as a top-mounted system without any embedded or side-mounted equipment on the ground, installation is extremely simple, and there is plenty of space left in your hitting bay.

Great for Basements

Often basements have lower ceilings making it difficult to set up a simulator. With the ceiling mounted camera system you are able make Power Swing work in rooms with lower than average room heights.

Golf Studio

With Power Swing’s overhead sensor unit, if frees up your golf studio to work with your customers without tripping over sensors and wires on the floor like you get with some competitors. The ceiling mounted sensor unit also allows for a smaller footprint for golf lessons, club fitting and instruction allowing for a higher revenue per square foot. The smaller more open area allows you to add or use your existing video equipment.

Bring your Old Simulator Back to Life!

Power Swing is an affordable and practical way of upgrading your out-of-date simulator. The camera unit is compatible with just about any simulator structure and a great way to get you playing on the world class golf software E6 1.6.

Technology Conducive to Teaching

The system also includes the Motion Analysis Slow-Motion Camera system which is excellent for teaching. This is closely integrated with the measurement data of the simulator so that the student can see the cause and effect of the different parts of their swing.

Data collected by all models:

Ball Data: Ball speed, launch angle, ball path, side spin (draws, fades etc.) as well as back or top spin.

Club data: Club speed, club path, face angle, dynamic loft, smash factor and angle of attack.

Available Models


starting at $12,500

Great starter simulator

System Includes:
  • Power Swing 3 Camera Sensor Unit
  • E6 1.6 Software (15 Courses)
  • Sim-optimized Computer
Additional components required
Contact us for more information


starting at $18,995

For those serious about the game

System Includes:
  • Power Swing 4 Camera Sensor Unit
  • E6 1.6 Software (27 Courses)
  • Sim-optimized Computer
Additional components required
Contact us for more information


starting at $28,650

Best for teaching and training

System Includes:
  • Power Swing 6 Camera Sensor Unit
  • E6 1.6 Software (84 Courses)
  • Sim-optimized Computer
Additional components required
Contact us for more information

What are the dimensions of the Power Swing Simulators?

Because of Power Swings single overhead unit, the dimensions are very flexible depending on your space. Contact us for more info.

What are the power requirements of the simulator?

All simulators draw 3-4 Amps, and need one 15A 120V normal duplex receptacle.

Is there any pre-wiring that needs to be done prior to the installation?

Only the Custom Simulator requires pre-wiring. It also can require several electrical outlets as well as video and data conduits located near each component. For example the projector needs power, video, and sometimes data. Component locations vary. For more specific information, contact us.

Can I use my own computer/projector/screen (peripherals)?

This depends on the simulator you buy. Our computers require certain hardware configurations and contain proprietary tracking hardware. We custom build our computers with the latest Intel Processors and NVIDIA chipset Graphics card. Often we can integrate the current equipment that you own into one of our simulators, but its best to check with our minimum requirements and contact us.

Where can I see one?

We'd love for you to experience our systems before you decide what you want. We have installations all over the world. Contact us and we can help you find the one closest to you.

Can I choose which golf courses I want?

Each simulator comes with at least 15 courses up to over 90 courses. We sell additional courses in packages, totaling over 90 World Class Courses.

Can you putt on your systems?

The overhead camera allow for accurate putting while addressing the ball with your normal stance.

What is the lifespan of hitting screen/hitting mat/projector bulb?

One of the advantages of Power Swing is the flexibility in flooring or hitting mats, so it really depends on which product you choose. Most hitting mats in residential settings last 2 years or longer. The golf screen is very durable but will break down over time with use. Use clean golf balls that have not been scratched or marred. The golf screen will last a year or two with normal residential use and approximately 12 months to 18 months with heavy commercial use. The projector bulb will need to be replaced occasionally per manufacturer specifications.

SES recommends:
It is very useful to track the hours of use on your projector. All the projectors we sell have a counter to keep track of the hours of use. Depending on use of the simulator we recommend that you check your projector once a month.

What golf simulation software do I get on the simulator?

Power Swing systems come with 15 courses of E6 1.6 software with the ability to add up to 84 courses. It is revolutionary in the world of golf simulation, featuring a fully 3D living environment. Learn more here.

Can you use the simulators outside?

No. golf simulators are not recommended for outside use. All golf simulators are designed for indoor use.

Do you install the simulators?

Yes, we offer installation on all of our simulators. Depending on the product and customization, installation may be required.

Do you offer any specials?

Yes, at different times of the year we offer specials deals. These include everything from delivery discounts, free add-ons and even cash savings. Contact us to see if we have any special offers currently running.

Do you offer financing?

Yes, we work with a third-party company for our commercial customers, which offer financing and leasing options. For our residential customer we have found it more successful for our customers to contact their own bank or other financial partner where a current relationship is in place. Please contact us to learn more about financing.

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