5 Ways to Increase Revenue with a Multi-Sport Simulator



This article is intended to shed some light on some of the benefits of adding a multi-sport simulator to your commercial facility. Increasing revenue is always an important goal for business owners and staying ahead of your competition is vital: a sports simulator may be the trick to accomplish this.

#1  Appeal to the Masses

Sports are loved by young and old, male and female, rich and poor; a multi-sport simulator is a way to open your business up to a larger demographic. By the definition of a multi-sport simulator, you are offering your customer the ability to try their hand in different sports. Why purchase a single sport simulator when you have the ability to offer an assortment of exciting sports, at a lower price point than many of the single sport simulators on the market. Each of the sport simulator models come standard with your choice of a multi-sport software package.

#2 Get the most out of your simulator


In addition to the great software packages which are available for the multi-sport simulator, there are also several benefits which are a little harder to see. The various sport software packages offer great commercial benefits for branding and in-game advertising. With your software license you have the capability to place (into the actual games) your slogan, logo, or corporate message. Now patrons can compete for the highest score all while taking in your message, placed in the background of live game play. You also have the ability to sell this space as advertising opportunities to another company to increase your revenue from the simulator.

All of the VS Series simulators have an optional bill/coin collection interface for ease of use and faster turnover of customers. With this affordable add-on you can safely and securely take in money on the simulator without having an attendant always present.


The software interface is very customizable to allow for different rates to be charged at various times of the day. Systems can automatically increase or decrease the cost to play at your bidding. Great for happy hours, lunch specials and any other occasion you want to adjust the price-to-play.

With a multi-sport simulator you’re not only getting a great simulator, you are also getting the skeleton of an impressive commercial grade home theater. Using the projection based technology it is easy to add more simulator experiences to your structure. Add a shooting simulator, gaming console, 3D projector, Blu-ray player, racing simulator, cycling simulator and more. Put together a package of entertaining simulators which your competition will be envious of and your customers will be lining up for.


#3 Customer Satisfaction

Given the fact you can offer your customers more choices and more entertainment with a multi-sport simulator, keeping your customer happy is easy. Piggyback off the popularity of the major sporting events that are happening all the time. Run contests, promotions, give-a-ways, while these events occur. All of the sports offered on one of these simulators, have playoffs, champions or medal ceremonies, take advantage of the hysteria. In the seldom times of the year when there are no major sporting events to take advantage of, consider using your simulator as a giant big screen TV or create your own buzz with a tournament of your own creation. Be creative and use the simulator to its full potential.

#4 Advertising and Branding


In the right setting a sports simulator can provide nearly endless opportunities for cross selling and promotion. If you’re a sports bar offer your patrons a “halftime challenge” for who can kick the longest field goal. Team up with other local businesses to create a buzz about your promotions. Sell your in-game advertising space to other business or vendors. Again in the sports bar setting, while you are offering your “halftime challenge”; imagine your patrons learning about your weekly specials in the background of live game play. Or picture a crowd gathering around the simulator to watch the action and be exposed to images of your logo placed in the stadium scoreboard. It’s simple to do and best of all it comes standard with a multi-sport simulator. Want more branding opportunities? All of the VS series simulators have the ability to be branded on the exterior, with a logo or tagline.

#5 Entertainment should be Fun

hockey girl shooting

Use a sports simulator as a way to have fun in a social environment. Whether you are running a family entertainment center, bar, rec. center, church (the list goes on and on) you have people gathering together for fun with their friends and family. Using a sports simulator is an easy ways to have these people get involved and active. Have fun with your promotions; create an environment of fun and excitement. The more fun your customers have the more likely they are to come back to your facility down the road. Reach out to your community, offer your local little league teams a chance to come in and pitch on the simulator, free of charge. I will bet good money; if those kids have a good experience, they will be dragging their parents back to your facility time and time again.

Follow This Advice and...

A sports simulator can be a great tool to create revenue for a new or existing business. By using the simulator to its full potential and a little creativity, it can have a positive effect on your customers and your bottom line.

J. Todd Mallon
President, Sports Entertainment Specialists, Inc.

Please note: This article is written only to help inform potential customers. In no way does Sports Entertainment Specialists, Inc. or its agents, guarantee or warrant any claims in this article. All customers are encouraged to do their own research and create their own business plan.